A loaf of bread, a jug of wine, and thou.

Omar Khayyam



A note about timing:  Making delicious sourdough bread takes time.  It doesn't take a whole lot of work, but it does take time.  Which is the very reason why the workshops are on the long side.  With that said, so much of that time is spent with the bread rising, just doing it's own thing, so there will be many breaks throughout the day. This is the beauty of a baking workshop on zoom, we can all be in our own homes, and just sign off for a break and then pop back on...it's all good!

Saturday March 27th: Sourdough Starter Basics

UK: 3pm-6pm  

US: EST 10am-1pm

US: PST 7am-10am

Saturday April 3rd: Simple Sourdough Bagels

UK: 2pm-7pm  

US: EST 9am-2pm

US: PST 6am-11am

Saturday April 10th: Classic Sourdough Bread

UK: 2pm-7pm  

US: EST 9am-2pm

US: PST 6am-11am


Mimi and I are offering these workshops on a sliding scale from £10 to £50, so essentially whatever you feel you can afford right now. Also, we're happy for you to pay after the workshop, so you can see if what you think of it before you pay!


Country Sourdough and Meditating:  Aaron and Mimi's 9 hour live-stream workshop

The goal of this workshop is for Mimi and I to share our love of all things sourdough baking and meditation.  I will take you through working with a sourdough starter, preparing the dough, understanding the basic fundamentals of sourdough fermentation, and finally baking your loaf in a home oven.  Fundamentally my goal is to inspire you to see the beauty and delight in baking sourdough bread, and to recognise that at it's essence, baking at home is something we can all find joy in (unless you're celiac, grrrr).  During the breaks while the bread is rising, Mimi will offer short, nature based mindfulness and qi gong practices to support our waking up to our present moment experience.  And in this case it's all about feeling, smelling, sensing and enjoying the process of baking. 


Click here for a schedule of the day and click here for a list of things you'll need for the day.  

Country Sourdough and Country Rye:  Aaron's 9 hour live-stream workshop

In this 6 hour workshop with just me (Aaron), we'll be learning the ins and outs of sourdough baking, while we prepare and eventually bake two different breads, one a classic French Country Sourdough and then also an amazingly tasty and hearty 100% Sourdough Rye loaf. Since it's just me, we'll be focussing more on the breads than on the meditations, but there will still be an air of mindfulness as we go about our dough shaping and sourdough conversations.  This will be a great day with lots of time for questions, and also lots of time for breaks during the day.    

Click here for a schedule of the day and click here for a list of things you'll need for the day.  

Country Sourdough only:  Aaron's 9 hour live-stream workshop

This workshop is a slightly more condensed and focussed version of the other workshops, but with only me (Aaron).  We'll also be taking more breaks in this class, as it'll run into mealtimes, so yes, lots of talking bread but also time for meals!    

Click here for a schedule of the day and click here for a list of things you'll need for the day.