With a piece of bread in your hand you'll find paradise under a pine tree.

Russian Proverb


Learning how to make sourdough has been such a gift, so much more than simply learning how to bake bread. This is an art that has created connection, with my partner when we bake together, with friends and family who I gift our delicious loaves to, and with everyone I have gone on to share these skills with -- Kim - April 2020

I am not someone who enjoys cooking and have never been very good at it, but making bread is now one of my favourite things to do. It's a massive source of joy and satisfaction for me, and brings a sense of self-sufficiency that I really value. Thank you Aaron for sharing this wonderful method of bread-making, it has impacted my life in more ways than I'd have believed  - Shaun - April 2020

My son and I have spent an incredible afternoon online with you, learning how to make our own sourdough bread from scratch. We could tell right from the beginning that you are passionate about bread and we learned so much more than we expected. The bread turned out amazing and the loaves were delicious. The family agreed, that that was the best bread they had. Unfortunately both loaves were gone within 20 hours.  Interweaving the bread baking with a bit of Qigong and Meditation while waiting for our breads to rest and rise was a unique experience.  We cannot thank you and Mimi enough.  The next bread will be baked in two days.  Thank you.  Kerstin and Moritz - April 2020


Sourdough made simple and successfuL. Aaron’s class taught me to feel confident and able to understand how and what, the whole process of sourdough bread making is about.  And I made two wonderful loaves! Combine Aaron’s class with Mimi’s qigong in between folds and you had heaven! I have never done qigong before but felt confident and energised by Mimi’s guidance. Would I recommend it? You bet! Ashley - April 2020

Having never baked *a thing* before, we weren’t too confident going into Awake and Bake. But we needn’t have worried, because Aaron expertly walked and talked us through it all from beginning to end. And here we are, with two amazing loaves of sourdough made from scratch! Mimi’s mindful interludes set the scene for a much-needed sense of presence and grounding for the whole day.  We not only learnt a lot but also had a real giggle doing it. Thank you, Aaron and Mimi! 

Taz and Paul - April 2020


Happy me!  THANK YOU!  Yvonne - May 2020

A moment of reflection:
I am truly amazed and inspired that when you apply patience, love and effort to three simple ingredients mixed together, you can transform it into something rather beautiful and tasty that awakens all the senses, enhanced by meditation and qigong 
Thank you so much Aaron and Mimi 

Lisa - May 2020