Here are a list of 10 things you’ll be needing for the day of baking...


1.  300g sourdough starter.  If you don't have a starter you can either make your own, or I can send you one by post.  Let me know, and I'll get that in the mail for you.  I’ll be sending out a short video of what to do once it arrives.

2.  1kg of white flour.  Ideally a stoneground organic bread flour, but honestly at this point any white flour will do.  If you’re in East London check out the Bread Station website.  You can order their own milled flour online and collect in 2 days.    

3.  100g of whole wheat flour.  Again, stoneground and organic is preferential, but see what is available.

4.  22g salt.  

5.  2 small bowls approximately 20cm diameter.  This will be used for the bread to rise in.  If you wanted to splurge you could get two round proofing basket or banneton online.  

6.  1 large mixing bowl, ideally 30-40cm diameter.  

7.  2 tea towels.

8.  1 cast iron pot with a lid, approximately 25-30cm diameter.  or on amazon there are ProCook Cast Iron Casserole Dishes. 

9.  Digital kitchen scale.  Working with flour, it’s a lot simpler to use weight measurements instead of volume, so if you can get a scale that would be helpful.  

10.  And just cause I wanted to have a list of 10 things, I’m including a bread scraper.  They’re super useful and also available on amazon for delivery this Saturday.  Look at the KitchenCraft Plastic Dough Cutter and Scraper for £4.